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From the Report Marketing Plans: industry strategies. To Brand Bible: containers of Brand Identity rules, necessary to describe and prescribe the visual and verbal communication of the brand and related company. To the implementation of e-commerce and management of Digital and physical Campaigns.

Below you will find our best works, broken down by their respective departments.



BRAND IDENTITY MEANS MAKING A LOGO? There is often a tendency in the world of communication and marketing to reduce and trivialize brand identity. The graphic sign is certainly a central element in the construction [...]



Google it. When you're looking for a product, or information, any doubts take you to a single place: to Google. To say that every business must have a web presence would be a platitude, [...]



Born with the mission of accompanying our clients on their growth paths, we at TMA provide the network of the best partners and suppliers to grant support in business growth and development. Anyone who has [...]



Why the service of Modern Shipping? As a 360-degree consulting firm, the core of our values lies in accompanying our clients throughout the entire business journey, from the concept to the production and distribution [...]



The intent of our work is to enhance, through consulting, the products or services offered by our partners. Our core-business involves positioning brands in the B2B market through efficient direct marketing and networking strategies typical [...]

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