Project Description

Why the service of Modern Shipping?

As a 360-degree consulting firm, the core of our values lies in accompanying our clients throughout the entire business journey, from the concept to the production and distribution of the product or service in question.

Our efforts revolve around the simplification and efficiency of logistics service management, Customer Care and Customer Loyalty.

Being able to rely on numerous partners and specialized industry figures, we are able to support the entire logistics and shipping service. So we talk about order preparation, packaging, printing of travel documents, global distribution, and returns management.

In this way we are able to cover the main geographical needs, including Europe, East Asia, Australia, and numerous destinations in the Americas-USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

The real strength that sets us apart is the use of digital infrastructure that can ensure the management of the distribution process with ease and efficiency. The use of integrated platforms with e-commerce allows each individual order to be automatically imported and updated with product photos, information, and content; alerts the customer via email of the order status; and allows for supply management.

The application makes it possible to automatically import products and manage orders, actions that would otherwise take time to perform.

Below we show as an example some data obtained from the shipping service performed for Umoon, a custom jewelry manufacturer that needed to distribute across the globe.

Nowadays, it is crucial to harness the power and automation of these tools, which facilitate management by the distributor and makes the process faster and more transparent for the customer.