Project Description

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Anyone who has ever had to hire staff knows that the recruitment process can be challenging and expensive, in terms of time, energy and cost; all the more so if the results do not meet initial expectations.

Selection is a delicate time for all companies, which needs the cohesion of different labor figures.

In this sense, thanks to the collaboration with our partner Lorenzo Vincentini, HR manager with decades of experience, we are able to ensure the proper communication and development of recruitment campaigns, along with the management and selection of human resources (here is the link to see his site:

Have you ever thought of the recruitment process as a sales funnel?

Because for all intents and purposes it is: it is necessary to make the position known to a wide audience, identify the correct target audience, offer them the appropriate information, and entice them to apply.

This is exactly what we have accomplished for Prodigy S.r.l., a real estate brokerage services company. Aiming to establish themselves in the market and increase their staff, they were looking for an Office Manager who can manage the office operations.

Thus, using the potential of Linkedin Recruitment, we opened the job position in late June 2022, sponsored for 3 months. Below we show the overview of applications received.

From here the real work of Talent Acquisition Manager by Lorenzo Vincentini started, divided into 3 phases. The first involved an initial screening of 120 candidates based on the relevance of the required soft skills. The 40 who proved most akin to the profile sought went on to a second technical interview. Finally, the remaining 10 candidates were up for a technical interview from which the best profile was to emerge.

The campaign was reputed to be so successful that two people have been hired, despite the fact that the position initially opened was a single one.

But the benefits of a carefully designed talent acquisition strategy do not end with job placement; they go far beyond that. Often everything that helps build a company’s reputation is overlooked or downplayed. Especially nowadays, people’s focus is on work ethics, well-being, and work-life balance, it is important to convey positive messages to all stakeholders, including employees or the aspiring ones.

A recruitment process perceived by candidates as fair and transparent enables the company to be attractive, professional and qualified.

Therefore, it is important to study strategies on Linkedin and other specialized platforms, so as to implement a virtuous digital path by leveraging branding and recruitment campaigns. Only in this way does the need to rely on placement companies, which often require far greater budgets and time.