Project Description

The desire to start new businesses for innovative projects often clashes with the need to obtain subsidized financing.

The NRP, a much-debated resource because of the ways in which it has been drafted in our country, represents an unmissable opportunity for many Italian SMEs, but subscribing to its many calls for proposals is a process that is far from a foregone conclusion.

We asTMA provide our consulting services to serve those who wish to present their projects, as we did for one of our clients this summer.

The announcement in question was a women-led enterprise fund, an incentive from the Ministry of Economic Development designed to support the establishment and consolidation of women-led enterprises.

200 million earmarked for companies made up of at least 60 percent women, self-employed women with VAT registration or sole proprietorships with female owners. A unique opportunity.

Therefore, we supported our client to prepare the application for the facilities: description of the business project, market and brand manifestation analysis, and construction of the business plan.

In addition, we offered an assessment of the social, employment, environmental and promotional impact of Made In Italy.

Our input to the project then included the development of digital marketing, direct marketing and customer care strategies.