Project Description

The intent of our work is to enhance, through consulting, the products or services offered by our partners. Our core-business involves positioning brands in the B2B market through efficient direct marketing and networking strategies typical of the digital showroom.

Therefore, our Agency department finds its foundation in the search and acquisition of new clients, talents, and collaborators. A service that follows specific parameters of affinity with the client brand: desirability, positioning, mindset, vision.

With the same criteria we also maintain relationships with buyers, agents and distributors around the world. In fact, we guarantee more than 8 thousand contacts in the luxury retail of the fashion, cosmetics, and design markets.

So, our work is nourished by the contacts acquired at trade fairs, events and, not to be underestimated, also the interactions through social networks, Instagram firstly.

Subsequent to this phase, we develop out of the box presentations of products/collections, directly engaging the B2B target audience, and product catalog landing pages.

This allows people to order online and possibly also receive test garments-through our Shipping service-so they can directly evaluate the material.

One brand we followed along this path, positioning it in the Italian and European markets, was Bikini Lovers, a manufacturer of 100% Made In Italy swimwear lines.

You can find their site here and instagram page .