Project Description

Google it.

When you’re looking for a product, or information, any doubts take you to a single place: to Google.

To say that every business must have a web presence would be a platitude, but knowing how to position yourself in the best possible way and be in the coveted TOP 3 of search results is complex, time-consuming and challenging work.

Somewhat like the chemist, we need to know how to carefully dose the resources we employ: words especially, images and videos.

Unlike science, there is no magic formula that guarantees 100 percent results; the process requires numerous attempts, even mistakes, and continuous adjustments to improve campaigns.

Here we want to show you how we managed the campaigns Google Ads for Cubers, a brand among the largest ice manufacturers in Italy.

The company, operating between
needed to develop campaigns pay-per-click ad-hoc to sell the different products.

Over a period of two months, March and April 2022, we carried out two different campaigns for the 3 cities.

The first, which we will call “S.O.S. Ice“, promoted the 3 main products and H.24 delivery service. Objective was the brand awareness: making the company and its products known to an audience that is interested but has not yet purchased (

Get Smart” continues the funnel generated by the previous campaign.

Leveraging the
, we went to offer a discount to those who showed interest and carried out research.

With the same campaign over the same period, Rome performed better than Verona and Turin combined, despite having vastly lower budgets, a sign that the ice market is much more active on the web in the capital.

From comparing the various sites, our campaigns have by far the most impression shares highest in the digital ice market.

So far so good.

But what concrete results have these campaigns brought?

Obviously, clicks, as vanity metrics, are not a relevant asset for generating profit, but an important step in driving customers to purchase.

Through the Google Ads platform we were able to compare the performance of different periods. Overall, the campaigns were able to generate an increase of +50% of clicks and by +95% of phone calls.

Since we could not convert directly online (as the landing was not an e-commerce platform) but by connecting the user with the client’s sales secretary, we had access to the company’s switchboard and thus were able to track the results coming from the “SOS” campaign, which we share below according to the average performance from April to October 2022:

  • 268 Average monthly calls received;
  • 14 missed calls on average;
  • 159 calls averaging more than 30″
  • 119 calls averaging more than 60″
  • 76 calls averaging more than120″ in duration

Combining the data in our possession, it turns out that each euro invested results in a potential gain of 2.8€. Before the campaigns it was 0.73.

The customer confirmed to us that in every call of at least 60″ an order was received and in several cases distributor partners were found willing to cover territories not yet covered by services.