Project Description

The Modern Age Studio, a company specializing in market positioning strategies, selects a young and dynamic person within our web developing team.

The figure will be expected to implement and program the development and technical management of the group’s websites and e-commerce through the use of platforms such as Avada, WordPress (woocommerce), Shopify, Magento and others.

Our interests

Fashion, Accessories & Jewel Design, Hospitality, M.I.C.E., G.D.O., Food & Beverage, Music

What will you be in charge of?

The Webmaster ‘s job will span different areas, the skills the ideal candidate must possess and the tools he or she should know are:

  • Have notions related to Hosting service;
  • Knowledge of languages such as HTML, XML, CSS;
  • Know how to use plugins of various CMS (content management system);
  • Remember the W3Ci quality standards;
  • Deal with web design as needed;
  • Understanding copywriting;
  • Know the rules of SEO and SEM;
  • Have knowledge related to content strategy;
  • Possess knowledge of web marketing.


Other duties that will be assigned to the candidate are purely technical and will consist of S.E.O. Optimization, Security , Annual and Extraordinary Maintenance and Hosting service management.

What are we looking for?

The person we are looking for possesses the following characteristics:

Good knowledge of the English language

Strong attention to detail and appearance

Good problem solving skills

Excellent ability to work both independently and as part of a team

Passion and enthusiasm for the web

Important: Educational background in Computer Engineering/Web Design and knowledge of English related to programming and handling specific tools.


What do we offer you?

We offer you a dynamic work experience in contact with young people in an established and rapidly expanding project. You will join our digital marketing team immediately, with mixed presence/hybrid work in our office at Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11 in Rome, Eur, Laurentina metro stop. Our intent is to be able to enable candidates to grow professionally and on a human level, in the modern working world.